Duchess Dani

Measurements: 36DDD-26-36

Height: 5 ft 6

Weight: 128

My Best Body Parts: Abs, Breasts, Back and Legs and Face

Shoe Size: 7



I've been working out all of my life and train hard with cross training programs that bring me amazing results. I have a very dedicated workout and diet that allows for your viewing pleasure, a gorgeously shaped and chiseled body. I love showing my muscles off and using them and my power to my advantage and I love it even more when my body is worshiped and appreciated for the time and dedication put into it.

I'm a huge tease and an exhibitionist with a warm and big heart. I have a genuine heart and warm sense of contagious humor that lights up any room. I enjoy the look on the face of a man or woman who is captivated by my sensual power and submit to me with their deepest desires and fetishes. It's absolutely priceless ;)

I've been a dancer and a fetish model for many years and I know the hypnotic power an image, look, or a dancing body has on a person who submits completely to their fetishes. It's even more flattering when a person opens up completely about their fetishes that they've never told anyone else. So please, don't be afraid to submit to my sensuality and unleash yourself in a fantasy world without reserve.

I love incorporating that power into my teasing and denial or fantasy webcam and phone sessions, overpowering my victims into submission. The feeling of submitting to me while being captivated and teased relentlessly with my senuality and hard body and long, strong, legs is a feeling you'll never want to go without.

I love the power of a beautiful and sensually curved body and I love what I do. Please don't hesitate to contact me and submit yourself with your fetishes and desires.

XXOO, The Duchess


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