Duchess Dani


I've been working out all of my life and train hard with cross fit programs that bring me amazing results. I love showing my muscles off and using them and my power to my advantage. 

I'm a huge tease and an exhibitionest with a warm and big heart. I enjoy the look on the face of a man or woman who are captivated by my power and submit to me with their fetishes. It's absolutly priceless ;)

I've been a dancer and a fetish model for many years and know the hypnotic power an image or look or a moving body has on a person who submits completly to their fetishes.

I love incorparating that power into my teasing and denial or fantasy wrestling sessions, overpowering and scissoring my victims into submission.  

I love the power and I love what I do, I'm here to make your fantasies come true.

XXOO, The Duchess

Measurements: 36D-26-36

Height: 5 ft 6

Weight: 128

My Best Body Parts: Abs, Back and Legs and Face

Shoe Size: 7

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